Raindrop Therapy in College Station, TX

In raindrop therapy we use nine, of the highest quality, essential oils and oil blends. We drop each oil on your spine like drops of rain and feather them in. There are four other massage techniques used during the session that correlate with a specific oil. Starting with 3 drops of Valor across the shoulders and 3 drops on each foot. Oregano: 4 drops along the spine to stimulate nerve receptors. Thyme: 4 drops along the spine to invigorate nerve reception. Basil: 3 drops on each side of the spine along the erector spinae group with massage to release muscle tension. Cypress: 6 drops along the spine with massage to improve circulation. Wintergreen: 6 drops along the spine with massage to reduce any areas of pain. Marjoram: 4 drops on each side of the spine along with massage to encourage natural muscular health. Aroma Siez: 10 drops over the entire back along with massage to promote relaxation. Peppermint: 5 drops along the spine with hot towel compresses to promote greater oil penetration.

The number of drops of oil used in a session may very per person according to size, age, and skin sensitivity. We only use Young Living essential oils because of their commitment to purity in oil. We do this in consideration of the health of you and your therapist. Chemically produced oils are not acceptable. If you prefer to bring your own Young Living oil for use during your session we will give you up to $15 off of your session. Ask your therapist how you can buy your own essential oils direct from Young Living to get wholesale prices and receive rewards!

Belle Vie Massage & Bodywork offers expert raindrop therapy in College Station. If you have questions or want to know if raindrop massage therapy is right for you, please contact us. If you’re ready to schedule your appointment, please book online using the ‘Book Now’ button.

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