alicia lmt massage therapist

Alicia Welch – LMT

Meet Alicia, a seasoned massage therapist with a wealth of experience in massage therapy since 2012. Renowned for her expertise, she specializes in specialty bodywork and hot stone massage, excelling in addressing various issues to reduce stress and enhance relaxation. Alicia’s passion lies in the healing power of touch, making her a trusted practitioner in the realm of wellness.

Kristen Massey LMT

Kristen Massey – LMT

Kristen, formerly a therapist at Massage Envy, is dedicated to helping her clients see results and meeting their goals. This ranges from stubborn muscular issues to just coming in for a maintenance massage! Her clients are her biggest referral source, which speaks very highly of her. She is looking at furthering her education by attending Texas A&M for a Degree in Physical Therapy. 

Kristen’s specialty is Deep Tissue Massage. Whether you just want a good firm to intense pressure throughout your massage or you have areas you want to get deep into the tissue this is your therapist. She’s truly a master of Deep Tissue technique. Her skill with these techniques serve to address your area’s of discomfort with the goal of bringing your body back to a natural balance that can lead to your body getting back to doing what it does best, healing. 

Farrah Revilla LMT

Farrah Revilla – LMT

Farrah is a passionate Massage Therapist with a therapeutic touch. 

She likes to start and end with techniques aimed at calming the nervous system while also focusing on problem areas her clients request help with. Her goal is to address those areas based on the information she is given, coupled with her extensive training and experience. 

Farrah’s specialty is bringing the body back into balance by breaking down excessive muscular and facial tension, promoting relaxation, improving flexibility with a focus on range of motion , influencing healthy circulation, while reducing pain and discomfort in affected areas. Formerly a therapist at Massage Envy. 

aaron lmt massage therapist

Aaron Barnett – LMT, MTI

Meet Aaron, a seasoned Massage Therapist with an impressive 22-year background in orthotics and prosthetics. He Offers specialized care in massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, and Craniosacral therapy. Aaron brings a wealth of experience to enhance your well-being. With a knack for non-invasive Laser Lipo and postoperative lymphatic drainage, he can guide you towards achieving your dream figure. His massages not only bring relaxation but also contribute to your overall wellness. Dive into a personalized experience where he skillfully addresses issues like headaches, sore muscles, and trigger points to promote your body’s natural balance and healing. Your journey to well-being starts with Aaron’s expert touch.

breanna front desk

BreAnna – Front Office

Meet BreAnna, the welcoming presence of our front office. With the warmth of a kind heart, she efficiently handles client intake, ensuring a pleasant experience. As a valued team member, BreAnna is here to guide you through a seamless journey with us. Welcome to personalized and friendly service, courtesy of BreAnna!

brook lyn media front office

Brook-Lyn – Media, Front Office

Meet Brooklyn, the dynamic force behind-the-scenes in our office! With high energy and a dash of fun, she manages office tasks, elevating the client experience to new heights. We love Brook-lyn’s enthusiasm to ensure your experience with us is not just efficient but also enjoyable.