Laser Lipo Treatments in College Station, TX

Also known as: Ultrasonic cavitation

This is a fat and size reduction process not a weight loss program. What that means is that the results will be seen in reduction of size primarily but not necessarily a big difference in weight reduction.

Fat elimination, fat reduction, and Skin tightening.

This is a nonsurgical process to permanently eliminate fat, reduce the size of fat cells (like cellulite), and tighten loose skin.

Whether you’ve already had traditional liposuction with less than desirable outcomes needing touch ups or you’re looking for a non-surgical option to address excessive fat and sagging skin then Laser lipo may be what you’re looking for.

How much does it cost? Why choose this over conventional liposuction? When would conventional liposuction be a better option for me?

These are great questions! If you are new to this procedure and just want to try one session with no long term commitment then just schedule your first session and it will be a total cost of $200. We recommend planning for 6 or more sessions to see great results. We will discount your sessions the more you commit to: 3 or more $175 each, 10 or more $150 each. To get this discount you will purchase a gift card from us by clicking the book now button and selecting gift certificate, then follow the prompts. So for example if you want the $175 price you would need to purchase a gift certificate for a minimum of $525. That would cover your first 3 sessions. To receive the $150 price you would purchase the certificate in the amount of $1,500. You can print the certificate but even if you lose it we will have a record of it in our system already preloaded into your file. It really all depends on how much fat you want to eliminate which will determine how many sessions you will ultimately need. We usually have a good idea after 3-4 sessions. If you prefer to make the purchase in our clinic, this is not a problem but will need to be discussed before your session begins to receive the discount.

As you will continue to read you will learn many of the benefits of Cavitation vs Conventional liposuction but here is a quick rundown: Cavitation effectively eliminates fat permanently, its noninvasive and pain free, there is no down time. Also, it is easier to manage the cost as you go at your own pace. However if you have any of the contraindications listed below then conventional lipo may be a better option for you or the only option. This is something we could discuss by phone if needed.

Laser Lipo was a term used for first generation equipment and processes for this procedure but has since had major advancements forward in technology and techniques. Through clinical and outcome driven studies this technology has surpassed even traditional laser lipo and cold laser fat reduction procedures that have been known to cause permanent disfigurement. Many surgeons even offer ‘Ultrasonic Cavitation’ and ‘RF’ (radio frequency) services in their clinics.

In our clinic we use CVR (C- Cavitation, V- Vacuum, R- Radio frequency) along with LDT (Lymphatic Drainage Therapy) to achieve the best results in body sculpting.

What to expect- Every client will go through a process of:

  • Consultation- Discussing and setting goals and expectations with time for Q&A (Initial consultation)
  • Before pictures and measurements
  • A session tailored to meet your goals (About 50 minutes)
  • After pictures and measurements
  • Post procedure consultation

Belle Vie Massage & Bodywork offers expert laser lipo treatments in College Station. If you have questions or want to know if laser lipo is right for you, please contact us. If you’re ready to schedule your appointment, please book online using the ‘Book Now’ button.

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Laser Lipo Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation FAQs

A high frequency energy wave (Ultrasound wave) used to fracture fat cells with the intention to destroy them and allow the body to permanently eliminate them through the lymphatic system over the course of a few days as waste from your body. Used to: Reduce hard fats, reduce large areas of fatty tissue, minimize fat deposits in problem areas

Benefits of Cavitation include: No need for surgery to eliminate fat, no bruises, improves the elasticity of the skin maintaining its original color and smooth tone, maintaining the sensitivity of the treated areas, no rehabilitation period (no down time or missed work due to surgery other that your appointment time), Non-invasive (no incisions or scars)

Vacuum (i.e. Skin rolling) is used to promote lymphatic draining, increased blood circulation, and skin firming.

Benefits of Vacuum include: Improved blood circulation, Lymphatic drainage, Smoothing of the underlying fat layers and increased elasticity to improve the appearance of the area treated by smoothing out any lumpiness, Skin tightening (Long term not the day of)

It uses multi polar/electrodes to deliver Radio Frequency energy into the skin. Once it penetrates the skin it will reach/treat about 15 mm into the fat, and target the hypodermis to address sagging skin. For obese people, the depth of 20 mm might not reach the full depth of the hypodermis in one treatment but only a portion of it. In such cases, it’s recommended to repeat the treatment with supplementary sessions in order to reach deeper and deeper layers consecutively. So it dissolve the fat that was fractured by cavitation and reduces residual fat cell still present which will contribute to a smaller volume and less fat deposits.

Benefits of RF include Dissolving of fractured fat, Reduction of hard fats, skin tightening, Skin rejuvenation, Body contouring, cellulite reduction.

How RF works: RF energy penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue and the extra cellular matrix where the collagen fibers are embedded. The local heating causes and immediate contraction of collagen fibers and at the same time increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts thereby accelerating the production of new collagen and elastin fibers.

The concentration of collagen fibers and the regeneration of the collagen and elastin deposits, tighten the skin layers creating a smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.

Body cells don’t interpret high frequency electrical current as electricity; rather it is treated as an energy source.

RF technology selectively increases the temperature of fat cells simultaneously in deep and superficial layers of ft. This increases the metabolism and releases liquid fat from fat cells. Normal cells can support 60 degrees C (140 Fahrenheit) but fat starts to melt and metabolize at 41 degrees C (105.8 Fahrenheit). After treatment and release of liquid fat, the cells shrink in size and skin is restored closer to its original form, reducing or elimination the cellulite appearance.

Ultrasonic Cavitation is not a method of weight loss. It is designed to reshape and sculpt the body and remove localized stubborn fat or cellulite. Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments work best when combined with a low fat and low carbohydrate diet and regular exercise. A diet that is healthy for your body would be optimum. To sum it up, what you want to accomplish is to eat for a healthy you while not add more excess to your daily consumption that will be stored as fat as this would be counterproductive to progress.

We recommend you have a course of 6 minimum and a maximum of 12 treatments per area before taking a break of 4 weeks to allow your body to recover. You should allow 72 hours minimum between treatments.

Most clients will have a noticeable reduction in their measurements after the very first treatment. The process of fat removal continues for up to 7 days after each treatment so it isn’t unusual to see a further decrease a day or two after your initial treatment.

Yes, the fat cells are fractured, broken down and the cells are drained away through the liver and passed as waste from the body.

The service is tailored to the individual but generally including consultation and measurement, you can expect to be with us between 45-90 minutes.

You must wait a minimum of 3 months after normal birth of your baby or a minimum of 6 months after C section. It is best to get your physicians approval after childbirth prior to commencing Ultrasonic Cavitation.

No, the great thing about this treatment is that you can go about your day as normal. We strongly suggest you to increase your water intake to at least 2 liters a day to help with the fat removal.

Ultrasound increases blood flow and you may feel uncomfortable, so we don’t recommend having it during that time.

Yes, that is not a contraindication.

Yes, It is company policy to not provide this service to anyone under the age of 18.

Following the treatment, the body has to work to remove the excess fat that is now passing through the lymphatic system to the liver. For this reason, treating multiple areas is not advisable and may not be effective. We follow the rule of no more than 50 minutes of Ultrasonic Cavitation every 72 hours. Those 50 minutes however can be split between opposite sides of the body, i.e. 25 minutes on the left thigh and 25 minutes on the right thigh.

It is important to remember that everyone is different and your body will work according to your unique metabolism. You will see reduction during a course of treatments which is why we recommend a course of 6 or more to get great results.

Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol after your service. Try and increase your heart rate by exercise for the best results. Even by doing some household chores, and avoid too many carbohydrates. Wearing a compression garment like name brand spanx or a waist trainer for 1-3 days after a treatment.

It is completely up to you if you tell people that you have dad Ultrasonic Cavitation, however the treatment is non-invasive so there are no scars and you won’t have to take time off work to recover. We are fully committed to ensure your privacy is maintained at all times.

Ultrasound Cavitation Lipo is a pain free procedure and requires no anesthetic. During the procedure you will feel a “Tug” in the treated area due to the vacuum effect and may have a light buzzing in your ear from the ultrasound machine during the session but that’s it. There is no anesthetic or numbing agent required during the treatment.

Excess fat is released in to the interstitial space between the cells during and following the cavitation treatment. Here it is metabolized to glycerol and fatty free acids. Glycerol that is water-soluble is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as an energy source. The insoluble fatty free acids are transported via the liver and kidneys and processed as if fatty acids from foods and then eliminated naturally from the body.

All areas with localized fat such as the abdomen, your sides, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, bra area (not breast) are the most appropriate to be treated. The treatment works on Cellulite, the reduction of general fat and for skin tightening. For Cellulite the Ultrasound focuses on the superficial fat tissue. Best results are achieved when the ultrasound is applied in conjunction with the vacuum and radio frequency treatments.

Gradually over a number of weeks, the body will clear the broken down fatty tissues which will result in a volume reduction of fatty tissues. It is not uncommon to achieve results of 5-6 inches reduction in body circumference by the end of the course of treatments. These results will be long lasting, provided you follow a healthy diet and exercise program. If you over eat or consume too much alcohol, fat can easily be deposited back into the body.

Again, not to be repetitive, between 6-12 (up to 20 in some cases- large torso) treatments are recommended, however, you should experience significant results from the third session onwards.

There are rarely any side effects, however there maybe the slight possibility of some transient redness or excessive thirst immediately after the treatment which can be resolved by simply drinking water.

Contraindications: If you have any of these call or text us before scheduling your appointment!

  • Cardiac Conditions
  • Lupus Erythematosus
  • Adrenal Suppression
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Implanted Pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Metal pins or rods
  • Implanted Silicone
  • Kidney Malfunctions
  • Skin Diseases
  • Zinc or Nickel Allergies
  • Constricted Coronary Blood Vessels
  • Enclosed Infections (Dental, Joint)
  • Diabetes
  • Fever
  • History of Abdominal Operations
  • Hemophilia
  • Melanoma
  • Thrombosis and/or Thrombophlebitis
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • History of Internal Bleeding
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Organ Transplant
  • Open Wounds
  • Artificial Joints
  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Overactive Thyroid Gland
  • Severe General Infections
  • Infectious or Communicable Diseases